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About Lakeside Digestion



Digestive wellness

Diabetes management

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Weight management

Enzyme Nutrition Therapy

Meet Your Dietitian
Nick Palumbo


My parents were both into natural healing. My dad was a massage therapist and my mom was a natural foods cooking instructor. I grew up eating a lot of freshly prepared meals made from wholesome ingredients and learned from an early age the connection between diet and health. I decided to choose the same path as my parents.

After receiving a Masters Degree In Nutrition from Bastyr University, known for their "whole food" approach, I worked for 10 years counseling clients primarily with diabetes and weight issues. During that time, I had a lot of clients who were also suffering from digestive problems ranging from constipation/ diarrhea to irritable bowel syndrome to gastritis etc. I soon realized that good digestion is an often overlooked key to improving health outcomes. The "perfect" diet plan is not helpful if you have trouble digesting those "perfect" foods. With this in mind Lakeside Digestion was born.

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